Saturday, November 28, 2009

A dove shoot

So the fellas planned a dove shoot, and I was bound and determined I was not sitting at the house. I packed up Bear and off we went.  Granted, it was pretty difficult to keep him quiet and entertained while everyone else was hunting, we still had a good time. The change of scenery was nice, and I think Tucker enjoyed himself too! Most everyone was looking for the next set of birds to fly over, not Tucker. He was looking for the next Nilla Wafer! That's my boy!

Carter loved every minute of it. It was too cute to hear him yell to our cousin Chuck, "Chuckie, bird...shot him!" Then to see him take off after the ones that Travis shot. He's a natural little bird dog I tell ya!  

Speaking of dogs, we only have one pup now. Our Tater is no longer with us, ran away is all we can assume. We came home on Thanksgiving and he was in the yard. Came back about four hours later and he was not here. We've looked for him, no sign. So Cowboy roams alone now. Tater pup, where ever you are... take care, we love you!


Kari said...

Oh no... I don't know why Tater would have run away from your home! :(

Kyle said...

Aw I have no chance at getting Cowboy since the devil dog is gone :( We love Cowboy :)