Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I often sit down here in front of the computer and it's like I'm on a mission.  I have time on my hands, quiet time, me time.  I never realized how much I would miss quiet time, me time, things I enjoy.  Am I complaining, absolutely not.  I wouldn't trade my babies for the world, nor would I trade the endless mommy chores that await me (oh, wait.. did I just say that, please ignore that one), but I still long for a few minutes, possible hours to myself.  I once enjoyed watching t.v., gabbing on the phone for hours, but things change.  I enjoy just listening to my favorite songs and embark upon my mission to find new blogs, stories by people of different walks of life, different ages, different countries.

It's my little slice of apple pie when the boys play quietly, or nap while I look for new blogs to stalk. I love blogging, I love reading blogs and there are so many that I follow. The mornings I am the first one up, I grab a cup of coffee, log on and look for the most eye catching topics and it happens... I get lost. Before I know it, I've let Carter over sleep or if it's night and the kids are down I look up and it's almost midnight.  Blogs suck me in.  So many of the ones I follow are so uplifting, inspiring, and honest.  There are others that are full of amazingly hot deals for the shopping urges that come weekly. Then there are those recipe blogs that I just read and my mouth waters, and for a brief moment I think that I could possibly cook the things I read... I never do.  I love the photography blogs, each one unique and inspirational! I blogged one day about my dream of going to Tuscany, then before I knew it I had a new follower from Tuscany... awesome!  The choices are endless in the blog world. Do you see why I'm captivated?

I added several new blogs to my ever growing list. I have so much reading to catch up on and new things to learn from each one. If you enjoy reading, and have some extra time on your hand... go through my followers.  Click on a few, see if they offer something you enjoy.  If not, keep clicking I promise you'll soon be as addicted as I am!!!!

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Kari said...

I love reading!! I wish I had more time for my thoughts. :) Working on that!

messaging you a blog I think you will like :)