Saturday, November 14, 2009

I am thankful

I am so thankful that I can hear.  I sat here today working on the computer as I listened to the boys giggle down the hall.  Tucker was in his walker and Carter was pushing him like a race car up and down the hall.  Both of them loving every minute!!  Their giggles, jibber-jabber, such precious sounds. I remember holding both of them as infants and taking in those little tiny baby noises. I miss hearing that tiny whimper, or the gulping sound they make while drinking. Tucker still makes that sound sometimes when he's really tired or upset, and as he does it I just take it all in.  

I have a clip saved on my phone of Carter talking to Travis.  It's so, so sweet to hear. His little voice just two years ago sounds so tiny, and now he has a voice that he changes constantly.  He goes from being the normal Carter, to being the cowboy, to the comedian that he so often becomes.  I love to hear him sing, I love to hear Tucker try his best to say duck.  "Du...Duuuu...Du..."  He's saying Momma, and Dada but I think duck will be his first real word. 

Then there is my new most favorite thing to hear, Carter praying or saying the pledge to the bible.  Oh, every time he does either my heart goes pitter patter.  I love to hear his humble, innocent prayer.  The way he says the pledge to the bible with such determination. The last sentence, "and I will not sin against God."  I really wish I could figure out how to post a video on here for you all to see.  His face would surely make you smile.  It makes me smile just thinking about him!

If I can figure out how to record him on my phone and post it here, I will. Please keep checking back to this post for that clip.  

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