Monday, November 16, 2009

I am thankful

I am so thankful that we are selling our house on Green Meadows! Thank you Jesus for sending a buyer to us, in this out of whack housing market. We've been blessed to have renters in the house for the past year, but that was not going to be a long time fix. We knew we would need to sale, sooner then later.
This picture is the last we have of Jasper. Carter still asks about him, he loved this dog so much!!!

Now, if you will, take a little walk with me down memory lane. These are some of my favorite pictures from that house.
When I drive through the old neighborhood, look at the yard, the memories there fill my mind. I remember the fun parties we had with our closest friends. The many, many laughs that filled the rooms. The birthday parties, the bachelor/bachelorette parties, the times we would just have friends over to hang out. The time we snagged the neighbors Christmas tree from outside their garage (we'll teach them to leave it out!), the night Travis and Klynt took the neighbors fishing poles out of his boat and he called the cops at 2 a.m.! The New Years Eve that our friend Tim attacked the blue neighbor (if you ever visited the house, you know what I'm talking about) inflatable snowman. Those were good times, I'll never forget!

This picture shows me how much the boys really do look alike, regardless of completely different hair colors!! Can you see it?

Then there are those very special, dear to my heart moments. The first night we moved in. Our first home together, it was perfect! Then we brought our Carter-bug home to that house. I couldn't stand the thought of him sleeping on the opposite side of the house from us, it was just too far! I watched him take his first steps in that house, I watched him as he laid down in the grass to smell the flowers. The day he swam in the water trough, thanks to his Daddy! Watching him run through the ditch filled with water. His sweet voice saying hello to the little kids riding by on their bikes. The enjoyment he got from waving to Travis through the kitchen window when he came home from work. His first birthday party eating his cake in the kitchen.

Probably one of top favorites from Green Meadows!

Don't get me wrong, I love Cow Bird Lane. It is a blessing to me. Here I have two precious boys to watch over. I'm certain that the walls of this house will see far more then Green Meadows. The memories here will tug at my heart strings just as the ones at Green Meadows. To make closing the chapter on Green Meadows a little easier, I'm excited to say, it may no longer be ours but the people moving in are going to make precious memories as well. I'm excited to say that my brother and his girlfriend Megan are buying our house. As crazy as it sounds, I'm so glad that it will still be in the family. I can still go there, remember the days crystal clear as if I were still there. :) I know, I'm a dork.... but, I am probably one of the most sentimental people you will ever meet!

Getting ice-cream on his birthday. This was the last time we saw the ice-cream van before we moved.

Jason & Megan... Congratulations! May the home on Green Meadows be as special to you as it was to us. I pray that God blesses your lives there for many years to come. I can't wait to watch your family grow, and watch you one day bring your first child home there. I know you will enjoy it! We are so glad to have you near by us. Carter is super excited that he will get to back to his old house at Uncle Jason's and play in his old room!!! Oh the innocence of a child. Enjoy it, cherish the memories and make each day one that you'll never forget! I love you both...God bless!!!

This picture is Carter through and through. Absolutely perfect!

His excited face! His first letter, from Aunt Jessica!!! :)

Thank you Lord for sending us a buyer for this house. Thank you for the days you allowed us to be there, thank you for the many blessings and memories you gave me from that home.


Kyle said...

And I am glad at least someone gets to live close to you guys. {Hints of jealousy :)} But I know the Lord has a plan. Now he's given us two homes near one another we can stay at when we make trips home! -Jessica

Heather said...

I love this post, Jennifer! It is so hard to leave that first happy house behind (we brought two babies home to our first house); you are so lucky to be keeping it in the family!

Those photos are priceless!

This Little Hen said...

I am so glad you were blessed with buyers! I totally understand your sentimental nature as well! I too am 100% sentimental, I don't ever want to move because I think it will be too sad to leave the house I brought my daughter home too. Silly huh?

Pajama Mama said...

We have been trying to decide about moving for oh like 5 years but I just can't seem to bring myself to leave. I love our property and we built our dream log house. But that was before we had children and we've kind of outgrown it......but I am so sentimental about our house, too. My Dad retired a year early to help us build it, we brought home both of our children there are a lot of memories wrapped up in. It's hard but like you said, there are many more wonderful memories to be made! :)