Saturday, November 14, 2009

Holiday Fun & Crafts

I don't know about you, but I love decorating for the holidays!!  I always want to change my theme each year, but unfortunately I'm not rolling in cash, so we keep the same one for at least two years before I can switch out.  I love to make homemade cards with Carter, using his handprints, leaves we found in the yard, or whatever else we can come up with.  There's nothing like a sentimental gift, in my opinion.

Our local paper, The Florida Times Union, had a special holiday section in the paper this past Sunday.  It listed over one hundred different things you could make or do yourself this season.  I wrote down several of my favorites, and thought I would share them here.  Some of them are crafts, others are games, just quick, fun, ideas.  I'm sure you'll find a couple that you'd like to try.

*Host a hot chocolate party.  Have each guest bring their favorite mug.  I thought it would be fun to have each guest bring a new mug, rather then their favorite.  Have the new mug wrapped, then everyone draw a number, and you get the mug that goes with your number.  You could almost do this like the white elephant gift exchange.  After everyone receives a new mug, fill them and enjoy an afternoon of a delicious drink and good times with friends.  

*Place non breakable ornaments in a glass bowl as a centerpiece.  I have thought about doing this so many times, but each year I forget.  What a simple, quick idea!

*If you have a pine tree or two in your backyard you could always snag a few of the branches (if the tree isn't fully grown) and insert them into a centerpiece, or a wreath for your door. Nothing like the smell of Christmas to fill the house!

*If you have holly trees, you could use the berries to decorate a styrofoam ball.  Once decorated, add a ribbon and then loop it over the door handle.

*Paper Chains, cut 2" strips of green and red construction paper and then connect them, alternating colors.  This is a fun project for kids!!  You could even decorate the strips with glitter pens before connecting them.

*Home made napkin rings, cut a 2" strip of card stock, then cover the card stock with a ribbon of your choice.  Then add beads or buttons to finish it off.  

*Ornament/card party  This would be a fun event for young children.  Purchase ceramic ornaments at your local craft store, paint, and any other item you can think to decorate your ornament.  For cards, you will need card stock or construction paper, glitter, markers, pom poms, ribbon, etc.  The choices are endless!

*Musical Chairs for presents  Have your guests form a circle, as the music plays the wrapped gift will go around the circle.  When the music stops the lucky person holding the package gets that gift.  Continue until all the gifts are passed out.

*Gift wrapping race  Just what it says.  Set up an area and have 2-3 guests race to see who can neatly, and correctly wrap their gift first!

*Save on paper... use to invite your guests this holiday season.

*Make a gingerbread house with your children.

*Stocking Mystery  Fill several stockings with holiday related items that guests can feel through the stocking.  Pass it around, once everyone has made their guess, reveal the contents and see which guests has the most correct answers!!

*Christmas Alphabet  Using each letter of the alphabet, come up with one word that starts with that letter.  Hmm, wonder what "X" would be?!

*Christmas Card display  Purchase a large Post-It wall pad and use it to display the cards you will receive in the mail this Christmas!  You could also use this to display your children's art projects anytime of the year, without messing up your walls.

*Rudolph Race  Convince your guests to put vaseline on their noses.  Then form two lines.  The first person in each line will put a red pom pom on their nose and try to pass it to the next guest in line.  Fastest line wins!!

*Place Mats  Using old greeting cards, cut out 6" circles from 10 cards.  Overlap them on a piece of contact paper in the pattern you desire.  Last year I purchased the foam pieces from Michaels and bought smaller holiday cut outs and had Carter decorate one for each seat at our table.  They were a huge hit with our guests!!  I can't wait to get them out to use this year.  

*Memory Tablecloth  Using old holiday photographs print your holiday favorites onto T-Shirt transfer paper.  Once printed, place the images on the place mat, or table cloth! You could also do this with place mats.

*Favors  Fill miniature martini glasses with holiday candy.  Then wrap the glass in tulle found at your local Wal-Mart or other craft store.  Tie the tulle with a ribbon, then your guests have a tasty treat to take with them!

*Christmas Coasters  (((I can't wait to make this!))))  Wrap a thin piece of rope, string, or yarn around itself to create coasters.  Glue the end of the outside of the wrapped circle.  Paste the circle to a piece of cork, or cardboard, or leave as is.

*Merry Music Favor  Pick all your favorite holiday tunes, download them onto a CD and then wrap with a festive ribbon and bells to give to your guests as the depart.  Everyone loves a little holiday cheer!

*Holiday Fresh  After removing the pulp from citrus fruits used for desserts or punches, salt the peels for green airfreshner.  The salt will absorb odors, while the peels give a citrus scent.

*Festive flatware  Using tie gift tags, tie one tag around each set of flatware with the guests name listed.

*Tasty Invite  If you can hand deliver your party invites, print out the party information, then wrap the invite around a candy bar.  You'll give your guest a sweet reminder of your party!!

*Holiday Bingo  Design cards with wintry images instead of numbers.


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I love art & craft.

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