Sunday, November 29, 2009

Feedin' time

Cows should be called pigs. All these gals want to do is eat, eat, eat! Always looking for a handout too! It's so funny to watch them follow Travis' truck up and down the fence. If they see the tractor turn on our dirt road, the start to make their way to the trough to eat. Today was no different. 

They aren't very polite about eating either. They have no remorse when they push the smaller babies out of the way or whack one of the other gals in the head with their head. It's each gal for herself in this buffet line!

While Travis was feeding the gals, a flock of geese flew over. We also had a surprise visit from this cute little furry rabbit. He better watch himself around here. He obviously hasn't heard about my husband and four year old and there love of rabbit.  RUN little rabbit, RUN!!!!


Heather said...

Gabe says almost every night, "Mom, don't you wish our house was a farm?"

He would LOVE your farm!

Great photos!

J. L. W. said...

What fantastic pics! I am now following!
Joy @