Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am thankful

I am thankful today for music.  Music is a large part of my life.  I don't sing in front of anyone, other then my kids, husband, and other family members.  They probably wish I didn't sing but I love to sing.  I love the way music speaks to me, the message each song has.  

I've listened to everything from country, classic country, hard rock, alternative, and then I started listening primarily to Christian music.  Christian music speaks to the soul.  It delivers a message that every heart and mind needs to hear.  Try it, tune your radio to your local Christian station and while you're driving see how difficult it is to get road rage.  You'll find you have a better outlook on things, you have a calmer spirit.  I find it's much easier to get distracted, annoyed, and flustered when I'm listening to 'other' music.  When good is going in to your ears, good will come out.  Remember the song from when you were a child, "oh be careful little ears what you hear?" Adults need to remember that as well.  

I am thankful that as I am driving and listening to 88.1 The Promise, I hear Carter from the backseat singing along.  What a blessing to know that my child is singing praises unto the Lord!!!  Music is an influence, be it good or bad.  I choose to let it be good, and it is a daily blessing.  Give it a shot this week, listen to Christian music and I promise God will speak to your heart.  You can also log on and listen to The Promise while you are surfing the web, or working.  You'll hear something that will encourage you, I guarantee it!

God bless!

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