Wednesday, November 4, 2009

*8* Months today!

The past eight months have been filled with sweet, chubby, goodness!!  Our little bear has been bringing more smiles, laughter, and love to our home.  As all mother's say, I can't believe how quickly the time has passed.  It's always so bitter sweet to think back to the days when he was oh so tiny.  He's an active boy, here's just a little of what he is up to these days.

  • Calls his Da-Da, all the time.
  • Chases Carter down the hall in his walker like a speed-racer!
  • Loves a CheesePuff more then eating in general
  • Giggles when the dogs lick his feet
  • Thinks that bath time is the greatest time on earth
  • Enjoys chewing on a tooth brush, good habits for Aunt Jill!! :)
  • Crawls everywhere he can get his little tush 
  • Smiles the biggest smile when the cows sniff his hand or lick him
  • Loves being outside watching his big brother
  • His face lights up when he sees his Daddy or Carter
  • Calls for Momma when he's upset or bored with something (go figure)
  • Pulls up on the couches, tables, Carter, anything that he can hold on to
  • Once he pulls up he holds on with one hand, then lets go and wobbles before he realizes his legs are spaghetti noodles
  • Starts clapping his hands anytime he hears patty cake, or yay!
  • Is totally addicted to his big furry blankets!
  • Sleeps through the night at least 10 hours, usually 12
  • He has 7 teeth, and the eighth is not far away, we see it closer and closer each day
  • The cats are his mission, he's out to get them
Little bear is amazing each and every day showing us new things he learns.  I know he is bound to bring great joy and memories to our family.  I love you sweet boy!!!!!

Happy 8 month Birthday!!!!

Love... momma.

P.S.  Now I'm off because he is calling from his crib, "Mooommma.... Moooommma..."  duty calls!

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Juggling Thoughts said...

What great things! Congrats on the 8 month mark :)