Friday, November 27, 2009

B.L.A.C.K Friday

I went, and I loved every minute of it! 2:30 a.m., Tucker wakes up. I thought to myself, lovely only one more hour and I have to be ready to go out the door. I climbed back into my warm, cozy bed and then before I knew it the alarm was sounding. I jumped up, showered, started my coffee, and started the truck so it would be getting warm. I don't know how I manage to do it, but for the second year in a row I was bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to get my shop on! Kissed the hubby and kiddos bye, and grabbed my cup of joe and out the door I went! 

This year I was joined by my cousin Kati, and my two high school friends Amanda, and Lindsey. Kati and I stopped off at Wally World first, 4:45a.m. We parked in the garden center, and to our surprise those doors were still closed. So walking through the parking lot, freezing our tails off we enter the chaos!  People were lined up for as far as you could see. The line formed a big square through the middle of the store. I looked at Kati, and said here we go! The race was on. It was our turn to find our place in this chaos.

I was in search of good deals, Kati was in search of the same. All the stuff advertised in the paper on Wednesday, lined the aisles of the store wrapped in black plastic. People patiently awaiting the 5:00 whistle to start the shopping. I couldn't help but laugh thinking how absolutely nuts we must be to be in this store with no real desires for anything particular. We made our way to the toy department and much to our surprise, so was everyone else! Oddly enough, toys weren't in the toy department, and electronics weren't in the electronics department. Now I have to ask, why is that? Why not cut down some of the chaos and put things in there designated areas?  I mean is Wal-Mart asking for a lawsuit when a killing takes place over a computer for $300?!  Just asking.  

I did want a Radio Flyer Big Wheel for Carter. I remember playing on them as a kid, and figured he would love it as well. Umm, low and behold, it was not in the toy department, but the GARDEN CENTER!  Explain that one to me, please. Luckily, I passed a lady that had one in her cart and she pointed me in the right direction. She quickly turned around and said she did not want the one in her cart so she gave it to me!  WOO HOO... $30, can't beat it!  

By this point, I had lost Kati. I did however have myself a Big Wheel, a Hot Wheels racer thing (I don't even know what it does exactly), a helicopter thing (again, no clue), and some other small odds and ends. The one thing I was missing, a cart. I found a secure place to put all my stuff because there was no way I could carry it a long distance, and I took off for a cart. I returned to find all my items still in one place!! I then watched another lady's stuff while she grabbed a cart.  She then pointed me in the right direction for the DVD players. I found Kati, too!  

Once we joined back up with each other, we were off to the DVD players. Gridlock is the only way I know to describe the aisles. I am not one to push people out of my way, or make a scene. I heard a lady a few people back saying, "Are they going to go?  Just go already..."  Next thing I knew, she was in MY face. Very rudely she asked, "Are you going to go or just stand here?" I calmly replied well, I can't rightly go anywhere so what do you suggest?"  Her response, "just run her over!" I just sighed and told her it was not in my nature to kill people. Seriously lady... get yourself another cup of coffee, a little blue pill, or something. It's Christmas for Pete's sake, get in the spirit! I secretly hope she found no good deals, and misplaced $20!  I know, I know... that's not the attitude to have either but I only thought it, does that help?!

5:45, we were heading out of the Wally World.  Would you believe I did not wait in line not even for a minute? I walked right up and the cashier began scanning my items, ON BLACK FRIDAY! I knew at that moment it was going to be a good day!!  We headed to Chick-Fil-A for some breakfast, and then we were off to meet Lindsey and Amanda at Target. Target looked like a going out of business sale there were so many cars. Inside, it wasn't really bad though. Where all the people that belonged to those cars disappeared too, I have no idea. We picked up a few items in there, again nothing that we just had to have. Walked right up to the cashier, and out we went!

Lindsey was our rookie of the year. She had never been shopping on this dark day of the year. I think we officially have her hooked!  We made a few stops in the mall. Old Navy... ridiculous. Seriously, their prices are always pretty decent so why on earth would you wait in a line that was over 35 minutes long?!  Nope, sorry not this chick!  I did get some really good deals at Belk, and can't wait to wrap them and give them to their proud new owners!!!!

After leaving the mall, we were ready for some lunch. We enjoyed a tasty meal from Bono's, and then we were off to the Southern Women's Show! This show is always great. Tons of handmade jewelry, house decor, and good 'ole country crafts. I also love all the children's gifts that you can find there. For anyone that loves that unique gift this is by far the place to find it!

I made it home around 2:45 p.m.. I was tired, but not too terribly bad. I suppose I was still running on adrenaline! I was so tickled that I finished so much of my shopping. I had some of my shopping done prior to black Friday, but thanks to this wonderful day and great sales, I only have three gifts to purchase! I can't wait for next year. I know Kati and Lindsey are already signed up to go. As for Amanda, well we aren't counting her out but with a new little addition to their family coming soon we will just have to wait and see if she is up for the challenge! To my shopping partners, thanks for a great day! Next year, we'll do it again. 

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Kari said...

girl--- it took me 2 hours at walmart. How insane.

Old navy- I did wait in line but it wasn't 35 minutes... but if it would have been it would have been worth it. Love some old navy clothes for my girls and the $5 deals were great.

Glad you had fun!