Saturday, October 17, 2009

A busy Saturday

Momma, it's time to go to the fair!! Those were the very first words out of Carter's mouth on Saturday morning when I woke him up. As you can tell by his face, he was still half asleep but ready for the fair!

After assuring him a thousand times that we would eventually go back to the fair he calmed down. I helped change his mind by telling him we were going to a party. He's always up for a party of any kind. Doesn't matter to Carter.

We went to a family reunion first, and then to sweet Rylee's first birthday. I can not believe that a year has already gone by and she is one. Carter had a blast at the party. He was the one who broke the pinata and is still talking about it today!!

Happy Birthday sweet Rylee!!!!


Jessica said...

Oh my word he looks grown! All sleepy-eyed :)

Mrs. Bell said...

awwww that last one is soooo darn cute!