Monday, October 5, 2009

Tucker Talk

Well, well, well.  Our sweet Tucker bear turned 7 months old yesterday.  I don't know if it's because life is much busier with two children, but I feel like the 'baby' days with Tucker have been obsolete!  I remember coming home with him, I remember him being so tiny and those cute little clothes for about four weeks.  Then I remember then insane amount of crying, and now... he's 7 months?!  How on earth did this happen?!  

He's truly amazing.  He still resembles Travis in every way imaginable.  I am beginning to wonder if I'm even his mother, LOL! :)  He's starting to babble, constantly.  Not a moment goes by that he's not looking to get into something or watching Carter's every move trying to figure out how he can do what big brother is doing.  He's now sleeping like a champ, twelve hours every night!! Food, trust me when I say he was born to eat!  Baby food is a thing of the past. This kiddo wants table food, and he's serious about it!  He loves mashed potatoes, green beans, french fries (healthy, I know), and any kind of cake, pudding, or ice cream!!!

Rather then calling him Tucker Bear maybe we should rename him stunt devil!  In the past two weeks he has managed to roll off the changing table. Disclaimer, yes... I was right there. I leaned down to put diapers in the cabinet and he rolled off.  I am not a horrible, irresponsible mother, just FYI.  He crashed his walker yesterday, he hits his head on the entertainment center daily, and he has learned that putting his finger in his mouth now causes pain thanks to the two little chicklet teeth he is sporting.  I called Travis this morning to tell him he would need to lower the crib when he gets home.  His first words, "Did he fall out of the crib?"  Okay, yes... he rolled off the changing table in my care, but no he did not fall out of the crib.  He has learned to pull himself up and that's how I found him laughing when he woke up.  We are in big trouble with this one.  Start the prayer chains now, we're going to need them! ;)  We only thought Carter was a handful...Tucker's already plotting against us.  

He is attempting to crawl but when he gets the hang of it, I don't think it will be long before he starts to walk.  He is already pulling up on the furniture and this morning, he's also standing up in his crib! Time to lower it I do believe!!!!  I keep repeating, Momma, Dada, Bubba, and Nana to him but thus far we've only heard Dada twice.  Little stinker doesn't have much to say I suppose!
With the holidays upon us, I know the months ahead are going to fly past. Only five more months and we'll be celebrating a first birthday!  

Tucker Bear, 
Days are speeding pass me and I'm in awe of all the things you have already learned.  I am so grateful for you and the joy you bring to our family.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for becoming a great sleeper, keep it up... your momma needs all the rest she can get!  I love to watch you grow and learn new things, but slow down just a bit... I'm already missing all the baby stuff.  :)  I love you more and more every day!  
All my love...

~  Here's just a little glimpse of what I have to blog about later! ~

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Lindsey said...

What a cutie! :) Love his precious face standing up in the crib..and cant wait to read the blog that that pic belongs to..looks adorable!!