Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Show and tell

Do you remember show and tell?  I loved show and tell when I was in school.  I always enjoyed seeing what everyone would bring in and tell about it.  I had just as much fun trying to figure out what I would take.  I remember taking a doll my Dad bought for me while he was in Spain. I thought it was the prettiest doll ever.  I also took the basket I used in my Uncle's wedding when I was the flower girl.  Funny the little things you remember from your childhood.

Show and tell has started for Carter.  Last week was their first show and tell.  I was so excited for him when the teacher sent the not home telling the kids to bring in something special.  I explained to Carter what show and tell is about and he immediately knew he wanted to take his cowboys and bulls.  Nothing cooler to show the kids then his bull riders!!! 

I went in the class for show and tell.  His teacher asked him to pick which country they would be praying for that day.  They choose a new country each day and pray for the missionaries in that country.  She put a big tall hat on his head, spun him around a few times and then pointed him in the direction of the map.  He put the sticker on Russia.  The children then prayed, and it was time for show and tell.  

He started off so shy.  It didn't take long though for him to start bucking and telling all the kids about staying on the bull for eight seconds.  He then told them about the clowns job, and how when he grows up, he wants to be a bull rider!  Oh, how my heart hopes he changes his mind on that!! :)

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