Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To Infinity & Beyond....

Halloween is just days away and Carter is thrilled.  They are having a dress up party at school on Friday and he can not wait!  He chose to be Buzz LightYear this year.  So a few weeks ago I started the hunt for the perfect costume.  After endless websites, checking prices here and there, I found it on the disney website.  I ordered it and told him a package would be coming soon for him.  Oh how the excitement jumped up a notch!!

It was a normal day, pick Carter up from school, lunch with Travis, back home and wait for nap time (oh, sorry... that's what my day consists of), I mean play.  I park the truck, Carter jumps out headed inside to do whatever it is he does.  I'm getting Tucker and all the other things that have to be unloaded when I hear him yell, "MOMMA!  MOMMA!"  I turned around thinking something was after him, only to see him with the biggest smile I had seen in quite a while.  He was holding a big brown box that said disney on the side.  He couldn't wait to get it opened.  

He was so antsy as I opened the box.  "Hurry Momma, hurry!"  Once I split the tape on the top, he took over.  When he pulled the costume out of the box, looked at me and said, "you the greatest momma in the whole world!"  There was no doubt my little space ranger was thrilled. He would be the coolest, happiest Buzz Light Year ever!!!!!  Of course we had to put it on him immediately.  Up and down the hall he ran yelling infinity and beyond!  Tucker was in amazement as he watched Carter fly past him.  The goggles shinning brightly and then he'd stop and ask me to press the button on his wings so that they would light up.  

There is nothing sweeter then watching the excitement in your child's eyes.  I made his day, and little did he know, he made mine!  To infinity and beyond my sweet boy, infinity and beyond!!

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