Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A murder, and now a thief?!

Sunday we went to church with my mom and grandparents.  When we entered the sanctuary, Carter was extremely hyper.  Granted, he's always hyper but this was on a new level.  He was in the floor, in Travis' lap, my lap, talking to my mom.  All the time I'm trying to get him to cool it. Usually a matchbox car, or some crayons will keep him busy during the singing until it's time for children's church.  Not Sunday.  Nothing was keeping his attention.  I sat there wondering what on earth was wrong with him?!

We had lunch with mom and the entire time we were preparing lunch and eating... Carter was like a kid on speed.  I kept looking at Travis like what on earth has happened to him, and he would look at me the same.  Even my mom was starting to wonder what happened.  I was thinking maybe he didn't get enough sleep and on Saturday he had a really long day with Travis. Who knew...  all I knew is I was ready for bedtime... SOON!

On the way home, he crashed.  I unloaded all the stuff from the car.  Went to his room to pull back his covers.  I walked around the far side of the bed and that is when I saw what looked like a rat had been in his room.  There were papers everywhere!  Yellow, orange, silver, you name it. I stood there in awe.  It was at that very moment that I realized what had happened to my child that morning.  The little thief had stolen our candy basket off the counter!  I started to pick it up, then I stopped.  I saw this orange basket under his bed.  I knew immediately what it was.  It was my candy basket.  The little rascal asked for a piece of candy that morning.  I told him, "ONE piece, and ONE piece only!"  Well, when I made my way to get a shower he made a beeline for the candy basket.  The little squirt had enough mischief inside him to take the basket, and HIDE IT!!! I really don't remember being this wise as a child. Was I?  I'll have to check with my mother.  She has always said, "Carter is just like you!"  Trust me mom when I tell you I'm being paid back for everything.  EVERYTHING!!

I called Travis to his room.  I told him we were doomed in another couple of years.  I children will take us over, and after that they'll take over our town.  I'm sure of it!  He was just looking at me as if I were nuts!  He walked around the bed, stooped down, and then laughed.  Carter came in his room, looked at me like a deer in the headlights and said, "What?!"  I told him he would not be getting candy for a week for not listening to me earlier that day.  I'm so glad I found that basket before Monday morning.  Could you only imagine his poor teacher if I sent him to school not knowing that he dined on candy for breakfast?!  Whew, that would have led to dismissal immediately! 

The lesson I learned... Carter is much smarter then I give him credit for.  He's already outsmarting me.  I've always teased Travis by saying, "I'm two steps ahead Babe, two steps ahead."  Huh, now Carter is two steps ahead of me.  Lovely, just lovely!!!

Wild bandits as dogs... and a four year old theif!  Wowzers!!!


Heather said...

Look at the bright side: at least there was a definite cause for his wild behavior at church!

Gabe is super sensitive to sugary cereals and chocolate; we'll let him have them as a treat once in a while, but never before church or school (if we can help it :)

Elizabeth J. said...

Oh dear! I'm sure a sugar loaded child was a real experience.=) I have 5 younger siblings and I know it can be crazy when sugar is added to the mix.