Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mr. Chompers

Oh, our sweet little red headed bear.  He has been absolutely miserable this week.  At first I figured okay, he's teething.  Our routine was all out of whack.  We were spending a lot of time at Granny and Papa's, and I thought maybe being out of our routine was a big part of his fussiness. Well, the irritability got worse, the crying got worse, the sleeping became worse, it was a downward spiral, and fast!!!  

Wednesday night was horrible.  He cried about everything.  Nothing anyone did made him happy. Our friend Larry was visiting Papa and he offered to take all the kids outside and to let us spend some time with the family by Papa's bedside.  I was very thankful to have a break from the crying, and able to spend some time with our dear Papa.  After about an hour, we decided that we would head on home, we were all exhausted and bedtime seemed like the perfect solution for all of us. 

Mad at me, because he couldn't figure out how to get out from under the table.

The next morning I wake up to my sweet bear smiling in his crib.  Complete change from the past three days.  As I pick him up and he smiles that big grin, I see the reason for all his crying. Not one tooth, but three and the fourth is almost through the skin.  Whew, poor guy, no wonder he was so miserable.  I guess getting it all over with at one time is better then one tooth at a time!

He now has a total of eight teeth all together.  He is also babbling a lot more and cruising the furniture and anything he can hold on too!!  It seems so funny to look at him with all those little white teeth shinning.  Can't believe he's getting so big.

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Jacqueline Smith said...

omg- love this. he's beautiful!!! (i'm a red head) :)