Monday, October 26, 2009

Stinky old hog

Each day as the four o'clock hour approaches we wait for the sound of Travis' truck coming down the driveway.  This day was no different, but the rumble of that big old Ford came sooner then expected.  I gave my usual call to Carter to let him know his Daddy was home.  He came running, and we all went out to meet him.  

He wasn't parking in his normal spot, he was backing up to the porch.  This could only mean one thing.  There was some sort of critter in the back of his truck.  Sure enough, he pulls down the tailgate and there in the cage stood two little hogs.  One was just chilling in the back, laying down. The other, well he was ready to eat us alive!  He charged the cage, and I told Carter he better watch out.  Camera in hand, of course, I walked closer to snap a picture.  I got a few shots, and couldn't believe how horrible these fellows smelled.  It was awful!!  It was a mixture of sour mud, filth, and just disgusting.  Definitely not my cup of tea by any means.  Before I walked away Mr. Attitude decided to charge the cage once more.  When he did, he got me!! Mud was all over me.  Ugh, I thought I would throw up.  

My sweet, loving husband just laughed.  Carter laughed.  The love these guys show is amazing.  I was finished taking pictures.  I wanted nothing else to do with these disgusting pigs.  I went inside to wipe off my face.  Travis asked me to drive the four wheeler to Papa's so I did.  All the way there all I could smell was, me!  That lovely hog smell was not going anywhere until I bathed.  I'm no girly girl, but I can promise you I'm no hog hunter either.  They can keep that filth to themselves!!!! At least the boys got a good laugh out of seeing me get muddy.  

Anyone remember Lester?  Well, we had a visit with him again.  He sure was good!!!! :)

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