Sunday, October 25, 2009

That's how we roll...

There sits a big long tube.  So lonely and just looking for someone to play with.  Who else but my dear Carter to find a way to play with this plastic culvert.  There's never a dull moment here, never.  In he crawls, and giggles!  More Daddy, more!!!  Travis was pushing him across the yard as he rolled around inside.  

Tucker just sat and watched as he always does.  He's going to have a lot of ideas of things to get into when he gets old enough.  For now, he does pretty good entertaining himself in the stroller, or wagon.  He's been a much happier little guy since all those teeth have finally broken the skin. 

Tonight was so relaxing to just hang out with our little family.  Our routine, boring to some people, but we enjoy it.  Nothing like the chuckles of children's laughter, the crisp, fall air, and two very dirty little boys.  Carter can't seem to go out the door without getting dirty, and Tucker well he's about the same here lately.  Those little soft, pudgy feet black as smut.  I give up keeping them clean.  Their having fun, so I just look at it as my way of keeping the soap companies in business.  Without the mother's of little boys, soap companies would be filing bankruptcy!

Tucker ever so content in his wagon, being licked by the dogs, eating hay, he didn't care.  He was happy.  I just let him play by himself as Carter ran circles around him.  I had to help Travis with the cows, when I turned and looked up, I saw the cutest thing I'd seen in quite sometime. Carter had the wagon, pulling Tucker as fast as he could saying, "you better hang on Tucker!" Tucker leaned back against the seat of the wagon, holding on to the side, and smiling that big toothy smile of his.  The bond between them, already, amazes me.  It's heart warming!

Travis snagged my camera, when I looked to see what he was taking a picture of I was not surprised.  My husband has quite the different eye for pictures, then I.  Of all the beautiful things to take pictures of around our house.... he takes a picture of a string.  Not any string, but a string in the corral where the cows are, and the string is covered in about forty flies!!!  I guess it's safe to say everyone has their own way of thinking!! LOL!!!  It looked like a fly family reunion or something.  Gross.

The evening came to an end with yet another beautiful sunset on Cow Bird Lane.  If someone to ask what I'd miss most about our home I'd have to say it's the sunsets.  Each evening, they are spectacular.  Different each and every time.  From pink, to burnt orange, to a deep awesome is our God??

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