Monday, October 12, 2009

Memory Monday

It doesn't seem like a year ago I was packing up all our belongings.  The final days on Green Meadows were growing closer and closer to an end.  Box after box, day after day, I packed.  It came to a point I felt like we were living in a shell, instead of a house.  Your "things" really make a house a home, when you sit there and there is nothing on the walls and there is that eery echo.  
As I packed boxes, Carter found old toys he had lost under the couches, in the closet, under the beds.  He also kept himself busy playing in the countless number of boxes that filled our house. He really liked the cat carrier, I can remember his chuckle as he would open and shut the door. Silly kid!  Oh the memories of Green Meadows.
Hope everyone has a blessed Monday!


Jessica said...

Such sweet memories, and adorable pictures! You're so right - our "stuff" does make a house a home sometimes, doesn't it? When I would move into a new dorm room in college, the first thing I always wanted to do was put my pictures of my family and friends up, and the frames on the wall. Somehow that made it feel more like "home."

I love your fall blog decor!

Courtney said...

Same to you! Have a great week, girl :)

Heather said...

Those pictures are hysterical! Something my Gabe would love to do, if he could still fit. However, that boy will not stop growing, so his days of fitting in the pet carrier are over.

Hope your Monday was a good one, too.

Ana D. said...

I love those pictures! you have a very beautiful blog, I'll be back for more :)