Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Someone for you to meet

Yesterday was just a typical day here on Cow Bird Lane.  Carter was out of school, mounds and mounds of laundry stared at me for hours, and I personally had no initiative to do anything. Finally around lunch time I debated what on earth I was going to fix for lunch.  Our pantry was getting to the point I was afraid if anyone looked in there they would think I was intentionally starving my children.  We were down to the nitty gritty!  

Off to the grocery store we went.  You'll recall the last time I went grocery shopping it was a bit of a fiasco!  I set out with a good mind set, you know thinking positive.  The boys would behave, there would be no one in the store since it was the middle of the day, and a Monday at that.  We barely made it through the produce department and it was ON!  A little over an hour later, we walked out of there with $150 less in our pockets.  Why can't everything just be BOGO?! Wouldn't that just make the world a much happier place?  I surely think so!

I unload the groceries with the help of Carter.  I just love that he's getting to be a big, "strong" boy that can help me all the time.  He always wants me to feel his muscles.  Bless his heart, his arms are so stinking small!!  Bag after bag we walked back and forth until they were all out.  I went to park the truck and as I did that's when I noticed we had a new neighbor!

I pulled closer to the back fence behind the barn to find this sweet momma cow and her newborn right beside the fence. I was ecstatic!!!!  They never have their babies that close to the fence.  I hurried inside, rushed Carter through his lunch and back we went to meet this little cutie patootie!!  The momma was a bit hesitant at first but after she realized we were going to feed her some fresh hay and carrots she warmed right up to us wanting to take picture.  The baby is so adorable. I decided to name her Mo, she was born on MOnday so why not name her Mo?  I know, genius right?! So new, not even able to really stand for long.  I took several pictures until Cowboy and Tater blew that for me.  The momma started getting really agitated so we let her alone and came back inside.  

Today they've both been out in the pasture resting.   The dogs finally got on her nerves enough that she moved farther out into the pasture.  I really don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing new babies being born.  It's just so much fun!!  Oh, and I guess I've really taken the title since Travis bought me a license plate for my truck.... "Farm Girl".



Courtney said...

I like the license plate!

Deborah Ann said...

Haha, gotta show my hubby these cow pictures. He grew up on a farm, and would like nothing better than to go back to it.


Ana D. said...

I love those pictures... you are so talented :)

Heather said...

How exciting! I would know nothing about running a farm, but I know we would love to have the chance. My daughter dreams of living Little House on the Prairie in real life...

S.E. Sward said...

Just stopping by from SITS to say hello. Kids and cows - always a winning combination!