Monday, October 19, 2009

What a rainbow

Friday we woke up to a nice chill in the air, and a sunrise that was breathtaking!  I really, really wish I was more of a morning person.  What a way to start each day by watching the sun rise up above the tree tops.

I walked through the kitchen on my way to wake Carter, and new I had to hurry if I wanted to get a picture.  When I woke Carter up he said, "but momma... it's still dark outside."  I told him not for long, get up come see the sun coming up over the trees.  He wasn't nearly as excited as I was.  

I was able to get a picture.  Then the normal routine started. By the time we headed out the door for school the rain was still coming down, but not hard. The sun was casting a orange hue on everything.  I couldn't help think that the day was feeling like Fall, finally! I loaded the boys into their car seats and then jumped in the truck, only to jump right back out and run inside and grab my camera.

There was a rainbow, actually two behind our house.  I snapped a few pictures and then realized we were really running late if I planned on getting Carter to school on time.  I jumped back in the truck, backed up, headed out the driveway when I noticed, the other half of the rainbow was on the other side of our house!!!!  I thought it was so neat, so of course I stopped the truck, jumped out and started snapping again.  Carter yelled from the truck, "we're going to be late!!!" Think he's heard that a time or two?!  

When I loaded these pictures I was yet again reminded how awesome our God is.  Hope you enjoy the pictures too!

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